Though he did not begin as a Spartan he definitely ended as a Spartan. Patrick Hastings played soccer and basketball at Notre Dame High school in the mid 1960ís, but was introduced to the Spartan Green when his nephews and niece started going there in the mid to late 1970's. From then on he was a fan of the Spartan Green. He coached baseball for his nephews at Nottingham Little League and this is where his passion for youth sports started. He loved watching the kids learn, grow and have fun on the field and understood the importance it had for those children. He was then introduced formally to Steinert when his nephew played football for Coach Rich Fornaro Sr. and baseball for Coach Ken Rauba in the late 1970ís and early 1980's. So it was obvious for him to follow his two sons as they made their way through Steinert. He thoroughly enjoyed watching his boys and their peers grow into adults through the sports programs at Steinert. He understood how important booster clubs were for the players and the coaches and decided to make a change. With Lloyd Jacobs, they resurrected the soccer booster club in the fall of 1985, helping the program with whatever they needed.

Patrick passed away on August 12, 2006. He is survived by his wife Patricia (Moran) Hastings, two sons and daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.

Patrick graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1964 and entered the United States Air Force. He spent 13 months in Vietnam taking shrapnel from a missile while in combat. He came home and began a career at the Mercer County Detention Center, which would last for 35 years. He also worked with Orban Realty and as a substitute teacher in the Hamilton Township Public School System.

Photo at top left: Accepting the HOF award for Patrick Hastings is his wife, Patricia Hastings.