It takes a special person to be “behind the scenes” and “out front getting the job done” at the same time.

Bob Rich is just such a person.

“I think he epitomizes what we consider to be a Special Contributor,” former Steinert High School coach and athletic director Rich Giallella said.

“He was one of those parents that you consider to be very involved and also to know where their responsibility stopped.”

Bob had a big impact with the baseball and soccer teams and also made contributions to the basketball and field hockey programs at SHS when his children were there through the years of 1996-2007.

“He was involved with both soccer and baseball the three years that (his son) Scott was a member and also involved with baseball when (son) Craig was a member,” Giallella said. “I was the (baseball) coach when Scott was there and Bob did everything he could to take the pressure off of me and it was done precisely and efficiently.

“Whether it was running the 50/50, helping on the field, helping with the banquet, he did it. He did the duties you needed to raise money and to organize and help assist the coach.

“And he was the same for soccer (and other areas).

“Anything you needed, he would get it done. Fix the field, get grass seed, get plumbers or whatever you needed, he would get it done.

“He was a good support guy, a good leader and a good parent. He was behind the scenes but was always in the front doing it. He always accomplished the goal.”

Bob says he had an excellent teacher.

“My mother Julia inspired me to have a strong marriage and to be a support for my children in all their endeavors,” he said.

“(Some of my favorite times were spent) attending my children’s sporting events while they continued their studies at Steinert High School. I was able to make many friends throughout the years and enjoyed watching Steinert mold my children into the individuals they are today.”

Retired from a long career in law enforcement with the New Jersey State Police, Bob enjoys golf, vacationing and hanging out with his family. His family includes sons Scott and Craig, and daughter Ashley, who also was a student-athlete at SHS, and his wife Carol-Ann.