Their talents are many and they've been happy to share them with Hamilton, especially the township's youth athletic programs. Beneficiaries of the volunteer work of Matt and Maureen Wolski include organizations representing Little League and Babe Ruth and American Legion Baseball but perhaps the group that received the most from the Wolski family is the Steinert High School athletic community.

Sweethearts since their days as Steinert students, Matt and Maureen Wolski have been married for 39 years. Countless hours during that span have been devoted to improving the sports experience for Steinert’s athletes, coaches and fans.

The fact that there is a Steinert Athletic Hall of Fame is partly due to the efforts of Maureen, fondly known as "Moe." As a tireless, uncomplaining worker, she toiled behind the scenes so that others could have shining moments – such as the Hall of Fame dinner. She is a volunteer who worked harder at being the secretary of the Steinert High School Athletic Hall of Fame than some other people did at their paying jobs. Her organizational skills are legendary. She has filled notebook upon notebook with information about the Hall of Fame since its days of infancy up to last year’s dinner. She has sifted through mountains of correspondence – letters, phone calls, emails and more in nine years of service.

She has also served as secretary for the Baseball Booster Club for 14 years and served in the same capacity for the Soccer Booster Club. She has assisted in running the concession stand at basketball games and calculated and prepared season and career stats for the baseball teams. In addition to making flags for Steinert’s championship squads, she also crafted banners for the Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, Matt – a former two-sport athlete at SHS – was busy with tasks such as painting the pressbox and creating wooden state championship signs shaped like balls to adorn the building.

The Wolski family also donated flag poles at the baseball field.

"Matt and Maureen were greatly involved in the booster club for many years as volunteers," noted former Steinert coach and athletic director Rich Giallella. "They spearheaded Chris Pittaro and Dave Gallagher number retirement day, they were involved in the end-of-year breakfast, updating statistics, improving the field, making flags -- anything that coaches wanted, they were greatly involved."

Fortunately for the township, Matt and Maureen have a very athletic son and their noteworthy volunteerism followed his progress from places such as Nottingham Little League (where father and son were members of a World Series finalist) to championship teams for Hamilton Post 31 baseball and then on to multi-sport involvement at Steinert High.